PremiDoor 76

Lift and slide door system

Experience new sense of freedom

PremiDor 76 is an innovative lift and slide door system with an installation depth of 179 mm. It fits any design of enclosed terraces, balconies and winter gardens. Large glazing surfaces optically expand the room and optimally illuminate the interior. Our solutions will make your house open to greenery outside the window, and the door will perfectly blend in with the interior design.

A modern standard barrier-free threshold will provide you with comfort and optimal thermal insulation.

The PremiDor 76 system is a perfect solution both for new buildings as well as renovated ones. By choosing PremiDor 76, you will experience the joy of total freedom.

  • Standard barrier-free threshold
  • Optimum installation depth
  • High thermal insulation
  • Comfort and ease of use
  • Lead-free technology

PremiDor 76

Do you expect the best thermal insulation and protection against noise and burglary?

The PremiDor system is the right solution for you.

We meet your requirements

PremiDor 76
Maximum height 2,60 m
Glazing up to 50 mm

Optimum thermal insulation up to 1,3 W/m2K in the lux variant

Anti-burglary protection for RC2

Standard barrier-free threshold



An elegant and unique door, just as you like it.

The PremiDor 76 is sure to delight you, not only with its elegant appearance and huge glass surface, but also with its unprecedented range of available colours and surface finishes.


PremiDor 76
Classic white

Wood-like veneer

Single colour veneer


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