Aluminium windows and doors system MB 45

The system is primarily used for interior architectural elements, such as various types of partition walls, windows, doors (including sliding, swinging and automatic doors), vestibules, shop windows, counter booths, display cases, and others. It is also the basis for special solutions: MB-45D smoke-proof partitions and doors, and the MB-45S groove-fitted door. It also permits the installation of doors and external glazing, where thermally insulated profiles are not required.

MB-45 / MB-45D


The basic MB-45 system includes profiles and accessories with optimal shapes that allow lightweight, durable and functional designs. Based on the system, it is also possible to install smoke-proof doors (Sm class), as per standard PN-EN 13502-2:2008.



The MB-45S system is used to install doors equipped with aesthetic and at the same time east-to-fit groove hinges.


  • a diversity of functions and ways of opening windows and doors, tailored to user needs
  • a wide selection of door sealing options as well as different shapes and heights of the thresholds
  • glazing beads in 3 variants: Standard, Prestige, Style
  • bendable profiles for arch designs
Frame depth
(door / window)
45 mm

Leaf depth
(door / window)

45 mm / 54 mm
45 mm
Glazing thickness
(fixed window and opening door /
1,5 – 32 mm / 1,5 – 34 mm
1,5 – 32 mm

Minimum width of the profiles visible from outside

Frame (door / window)

66,5 mm / 27,5 mm

Frame  (door / window)

66 mm / 27,5 mm

Maximum dimensions and weight of the structure

Max wymiary
okna RU (H×L)
H do 2400 mm (1850 mm)
L do 1250 mm (1600 mm)
Max wymiary
skrzydła drzwi (H×L)
H do 2400 mm (2200 mm)
L do 1250 mm (1400 mm)
Max ciężar skrzydła
(drzwi / okna)
120 kg / 130 kg
130 kg
120 kg
Max wymiary i ciężary konstrukcji
Dostępne rozwiązania
ścianki i okna stałe, okna rozwierane, uchylne,
rozwierano-uchylne, drzwi otwierane
na zewnatrz i do wewnątrz
drzwi wrębowe,
ścianki z drzwiami
drzwi dymoszczelne

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